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capital gains calculator

Procedure to Convert Selftrade / ShareviewDealing Trade History

Log into your Selftrade/ShareviewDealing account.

Select "DEALING ACCOUNT" then "Dealing" then "Dealing History"

Select ALL from the drop-down list and click REFRESH to see all your trades. Note that your trades are listed in pages consisting of about 12 trades.

Use the mouse to select and copy (CTRL+C) your trades to the clipboard. Paste (CTRL+V) the trades to Windows WordPad/Notepad. Now display your next page of Selftrade/ShareviewDealing trades and repeat the process until you have copied all your trades to WordPad/Notepad. Once complete save your trades.

Select all your trades from WordPad/Notepad and paste the trades data into the text box on the convert format page.

Select the appropriate option and click the "CONVERT" button to convert the data.

Example Selftrade/ShareviewDealing file
File in correct format
General Info

Selftrade/ShareviewDealing does not list the company epic in its trades information, only the company name. It would be better to be able to use the epic since this is a unique identifier. The company name may consist of several words, describing the share type, and may be not be exactly the same amongst online brokers. Therefore the first two words have been used and joined them with an underscore to create a single word. Note the calculator works by matching shares with the same epic/name. As long as you have the same identifier for each share then it should work fine. However Iweb for example lists the epics and the epic is used. You therefore cant merge Selftrade/ShareviewDealing with IWeb files without first changing the company name to an epic for each trade in the Selftrade/ShareviewDealing file.

Note you can paste the resulting file directly into a spreadsheet (at least you can with MicroSoft Works spreadsheet) and save if you wish.

One problem with the Selftrade/ShareviewDealing trade information. When the share price is less than a penny, for example 0.00875 pounds, then the dealing history rounds up and shows the trade as being at 0.009 pounds. So perhaps some manual checking of trades with very small share prices may be adviseable.

The conversion should work fine for standard buy and sell trades. However one or two people have emailed me saying the conversion doesn't work on their files. This may be due to errors caused by a share consolidations or similar. Make sure that the 4th field is "buy" or "sell" and that the fifth field is the number of shares value. You may have to manually check your trades file. Also as regards a company restructuring its share capital (eg. converting 100 shares to a single share) clearly you have to make sure the shares value is consistent throughout the file for a specific share.